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Production method of RUBINI

The RUBINI® an Elderberry fruit extract, is produced by a unique extraction method, which does not destroy the bio-activity of the substance. It is called „membrane filtration“. The juice of pressed elderberries is filtrated by a specific filter system which separates the different sizes of the molecules due to their active agents. Subsequently, the resulting flavonoid-concentrated liquid is either used for the liquid, or undergoes a drying process to become a powder form.

The juice concentrate is flash-pasteurized in order to ensure the manufacturing of a sterile product. We do not add any preservatives or sugar, neither in the liquid, nor in the gel or the capsules.

Due to the standardization of the flavon-content, we can also guarantee the level of active substance throughout every production run. Ongoing lab analysis, internal and external, undertaken by highly-qualified stuff, and the permanent control of hygiene and health officials make RUBINI® a natural and safe remedy.


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